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We're back! After taking the summer of 2022 off to stand up our store in Osceola, we are once again attending the Downtown Farmers Market in Des Moines from May through October 2023. We will be located on 3rd Street south of Court, stall #15.

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Mayhew's Market Hours

203 South Main Street, Osceola, IA 50213

Thurs - Sat  10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sun - Wed  Closed

You can also purchase Popsie fish and/or Mayhew's Market shrimp at the following locations:

Wheatsfield Cooperative-413 Northwestern Avenue #105, Ames

         Sockeye salmon fillets/colossal and Royal Red shrimp

Prudent Produce-12806 NE 64th Street, Elkhart

          Sockeye salmon fillets and portions

Campbell's Nutrition-4040 University Avenue, Des Moines

          Sockeye salmon portions, fillets/jumbo and Royal Red shrimp

 Gateway Market-2002 Woodland Avenue, Des Moines

          Sockeye salmon fillets 

HOQ Restaurant-303 East 5th Street, Des Moines

          Sockeye salmon fillets on menu

Iowa Food Cooperative-4944 Franklin Avenue, Suite G, Des Moines

          Sockeye salmon fillets, salmon, cod, sablefish & halibut portions/jumbo, colossal and Royal Red 

Timber Ridge-117 West Washington Street, Osceola

          Sockeye salmon, cod and halibut portions

Red Barn Meat Locker-2190 East Main Street, Lamoni

          Sockeye salmon portions, cod/jumbo, colossal and Royal Red shrimp

 Do you want to see Popsie fish or Mayhew's Market shrimp at a store near you? Tell their meat department manager to contact Rob and Mitch at

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