Shrimp Price List

Standard Pricing


Jumbo (Seasonal)

Jumbos are 13-16 shrimp per pound. With a Mayhewws Market freezer bag, you pay only $12/lb.


Colossal (Seasonal)

Colossals are U12 which means there are 12 and under shrimp per pound. With a Mayhews Market freezer bag, you pay only $15/lb.


Royal Reds (when available)

Royal Reds are a deep water shrimp with a rich taste akin to lobster and scallops.  With a Mayhews Market freezer bag, you pay only $19/lb.


Seasonal Shrimp

The following is a rule of thumb for the months various shrimp can be caught. The wild caught shrimp we bring you.

Brown Shrimp - May through July

White Shrimp - August through November

Pink Shrimp - December through April


Thawing & Cooking Instructions

Our Recomendations for your enjoyment of the number one selling seafood

The most preferred method to thaw shrimp is to put them in a covered bowl and place in the bottom shelf of the refrigerator overnight.

The next best way to thaw shrimp is to put them in a bowl of cold water until thawed.

Refreezing once thawed is not recommended.

Rinse thoroughly before cooking.

When cooking, we can not recommend enough to COOK WITH THE HEADS ON! That's where most of the flavor is.

Follow your favorite recipe.

Immerse cooked shrimp in a bowl of ice water immediately following the cooking time of your favorite recipe to stop the cooking process. Chill until warm to the touch then remove shrimp from the bowl.  The shell on the shrimp acts as an insulator keeping in the heat therefore the shrimp will continue to cook even when removed from the heat source. Over cooking makes shrimp chewy and rubbery.

When peeling/shelling shrimp, think of the porridge in the fairy tale story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and you'll never go wrong. When peeling/shelling hot shrimp, your hands burn - peeling is DIFFICULT. When peeling/shelling cold shrimp, the meat sticks to the shell - peeling is DIFFICULT. When shrimp are put in ice water long enough to stop the cooking and to be picked up by hand - peeling is JUST RIGHT!


Video: Thawing Shrimp


Video: Shrimp Salad


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