Got my first taste of royal red today...and oh my yum! Very knowledgeable and personable people! Cooked and iced as directed then pan sauteed for just about a minute in teriyaki! Put them with part of my Farmer's market haul today. Romaine heart salad with red baron onions and poppy seed dressing!

Kerry Dinner.jpg

Very knowledgeable and helpful with take home tips and instructions. Delicious!!

Kabobs. . .

and more Kabobs


Very good shrimp guys. can't wait to get some more. Awesome service and knowledge from the Mayhew men. Thank you.

Shrimp Tacos.jpg

Gulf shrimp tacos with sesame Asian slaw. 🤤


Size, Quality, Price are all great. The shrimp literally jump out of the Gulf into the fishing boat for a short ride to their awaiting dockside Market Machine (Transport Ambulance) for their immediate journey to your kitchen. You will not be disappointed!


Another invitation for Mitch to return to the kitchen of Antonelas II Sicilian Pizzeria in Davenport to prepare Mayhews Market Shrimp for


a blissfully delicious, authentic Sicilian shrimp pasta. Momma mia, that's Amore!


I'm from Northeast Iowa and came to visit friends......ended up with some of these beauties! Fresh caught from Louisiana, taste amazing!!!


The shrimp is wonderful! Made New Orleans BBQ shrimp last night using the jumbo reds and large whites; and it was every bit as delicious as it was in New Orleans!!!

Very dedicated and knowledgeable about what they offer! They are wonderful and so is the shrimp!

Fresh Shrimp! So yummy! Mitch was helpful and knowledgeable!
We love Mayhew's Market!


Awesome guys with extremely high standards won’t find fresher shrimp in Iowa


The best shrimp I’ve ever had I go up there every Saturday now buy 3 -5 pounds each time Glad to help out a veteran owned business keep it up guys good work
Knowledgeable staff


Tastes great! Shrimp 🦐 from Mayhew's Market on pizza. Created by Mitch from Mayhew's Market. Here's hoping you can experience it some day 😊

Gourmet Shrimp Pizza

Before Cooking

Gourmet Shrimp Pizza

Ready To Eat

Michelles Pizza.jpg

Pizza Day with Big Sister

I am not a seafood eater...or at least I wasn't. The combination of the caliber of shrimp paired with the incredible culinary talents of my brother who also happens to be co-owner/founder of Mayhew's Market have given me a new perspective on the enjoyment of partaking. I am changed for the better thanks to the endeavors of both these men to whom I am forever grateful!!!


Very unique taste guys.  Took Sammy Hagar’s Cabo shrimp to a whole new level.  Definitely need to watch the cook time closely though. 

Thanks for the great find!


Wild shrimp that tastes amazing!!

Shrimp heart.jpg

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